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Knipex Set Of 4 Circlip Pliers

Knipex 00 19 56
Set Of 4 Circlip Pliers

Price: $149.00

Genuine Knipex Set Of 4 Circlip Pliers in Hard Wearing Polyester Fabric Tool Roll.

• Forged and Oil Hardened Chrome Vanadium Body. Black Atramentized with Polished Head

• Plastic Coated Handles

• Straight Tips & Angled Tips (90°)

• Adjustable Quick Release on Tool Roll

Contains The Following Circlip Pliers:

4411J2 Straight Tip Internal
4611A2 Straight Tip External
4421J21 Angled Tip Internal
4621A21 Angled Tip External

Size Of Bore (Internal): 19 - 60mm Ø
Size Of Shaft (External): 19 - 60mm Ø
Tips: 1.8mm Ø
Weight: 670g
Brand: Knipex (Germany)

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