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Mitutoyo Waterproof Caliper 150mm
Mitutoyo Waterproof Caliper 150mm
Mitutoyo Waterproof Caliper Dimensions

Mitutoyo Waterproof Caliper 150mm

Price: $245.00

Mitutoyo Japan are the industry standard in precision measuring equipment. The Series 500 range of calipers are dustproof and waterproof to IP67 Level.

Automatic power on/off function shuts down the LCD display after 20 minutes inactivity. Power is restored when the slider is moved.

Origin Set Function allows origin position to be changed.

Inside/Outside/Depth measuring capability.

Switch between mm and inches with the press of a button.

Range: 0 - 150mm (0 - 6")

Comes with protective carrying case, service screwdriver, instructions and inspection certification.

Mitutoyo Model No 500-752-10

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