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AC Pools can take care of all your pool hydraulics Hydraulics A Hydraulics B Hydraulics C requirements whether it be a simple repair, re-plumbing of a pool or the complete design and build of a pool's circulation system and plantroom fit-out. The circulation system of a commercial pool is far more involved than simply running pipes from one point to another, requiring a thorough understanding of fluid dynamics in order to achieve optimum flow rates and pressures at each point in the system. Filters, salt chlorinators and chemical dosing systems require specific flow rates and pressures in order to operate correctly and the entire circulation system including a pool's pumps need to be designed to achieve these rates. Additionally public pools require minimum turnover rates in order to maintain water quality and comply with health regulations. Every component within a pool's circulation system also needs to be able to cope with the chemical properties of the water. With a thorough understanding of fluid dynamics, chemical compatibility of materials, galvanic corrosion and the specific requirements of pool systems, AC Pools can carry out any required works to your pool's circulation system and you can be assured that your pool systems will operate as they should. Additionally all associated components within circulation systems can be supplied and/or installed by us including Valves, Gauges , Flow Switches and Holding Tanks / Backwash Tanks. We supply and utilise only the highest quality pipe and components in all our work.



AC Pools can supply and/or install new circulation Pumps C Pumps B Pumps A pumps to your requirements and can also carry out repairs to pumps on site or in our workshop. We can calculate the exact size of pump required for your specific installation to optimize flow and pressure characteristics as well as energy efficiency. As an integral part of such works we can fabricate and install pump mounting hardware, flow switch protection and pump control systems. We utilise and highly recommend Grundfos pumps for commercial pool applications however we can also supply and repair most brands of pumps such as Hurlcon/Astral, Waterco, Poolrite and Onga.



AC Pools can supply and/or install new filtration Filtration C Filtration B Filtration A equipment to your requirements and can also carry out repairs and maintenance to filters such as sand changes and lateral replacements. As well as sand filters we can also supply and install cartridge filters and centrifugal filters. We design and fabricate high quality pre-strainers (lint filters) for the suction side of pool pumps with easy to operate wind up lids and viewing windows. We also import and distribute a large range of small in line strainers perfectly suited to chemical dosing system sample water lines. A selection of these in line strainers can be viewed in the Filtration Products section of this website


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