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Hose Connector Assortment Kit 180 Pieces

Hose Connector Assortment Kit
180 Pieces

Price: $180.90

Normaplast Hose Connector Assortment Kit - 180 Pieces.

Contains The Following Straight and Tee Hose Connectors.

Straight Hose Connectors 3.0mm (Qty 25)
Straight Hose Connectors 5.0mm (Qty 25)
Straight Hose Connectors 6.0mm (Qty 10)
Straight Hose Connectors 8.0mm (Qty 10)
Straight Hose Connectors 10.0mm (Qty 10)

Tee Hose Connectors 3.0mm (Qty 25)
Tee Hose Connectors 5.0mm (Qty 25)
Tee Hose Connectors 6.0mm (Qty 20)
Tee Hose Connectors 8.0mm (Qty 20)
Tee Hose Connectors 10.0mm (Qty 10)

Colour: White
Material: Acetalcopolymerisat (POM)
Temperature Range: -40°C to +80°C

The ribbed surface of the push-on spigots ensures that hoses fit tightly.

Suitable for use with Water, Fuel, CO² and Coolants.
For use with strong Alkalis or Acids use Polypropylene (PP) Fittings.

Made in Germany.

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