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HydraSlip Lubricant 75g Tube

Hydra-Slip Lubricant
75g Tube

Price: $19.90

Hydra-slip is a long lasting, heavy duty silicone based lubricant designed to protect rubber and plastic parts from wear and tear. Specially formulated for swimming pool use, Hydra-slip is great for lubricating seals, plastic threads and stainless steel components.

Dosage Rate: Use sparingly

Available Sizes (gel): 20g, 50g, 75g, 500g, 1Kg
Available Sizes (spray): 200g

Who needs it?
• Every pool and spa owner should use it as an essential part of their ongoing equipment maintenance program.
• Every serviceman should have a large jar of the gel, as well as a spray, permanently in their service vehicle to use as needed which will be often!

What does it do?
• hydra-slip repels moisture and is perfect for use on o-rings, seals, hinges, plastic threads and automatic pool cleaners.
• It will not expand or weaken rubber parts or o-rings.
• It is specially formulated for plastics and rubber parts that come into contact with chlorinated water.
• It is “Non Staining” and is therefore ideal for all pool equipment.
• It is also great for a variety of marine uses and can also be used for diving equipment.

What advantages does it have over other similar products?
• Its many uses in swimming pool applications have been tried, proven and trusted for over 18 years.
• Unlike some competitive products on the market, which are thin, runny, and only give a light coating, hydra-slip is very thick, yet spreads easily to give an extremely thorough coating.

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