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MagicSponge 3XRP

Pack Of 36

Price: $47.95

MagicSponge® is a revolutionary cleaning sponge that cleans with water! It is NOT impregnated with any chemicals at all. It is effective on any smooth surface including laminex, glass, plaster, plastic, wood, metal, fibreglass, vinyl, rubber and painted surfaces.

• Removes graffiti on walls, tables, laminated partitions, glass windows, colorbond, metal cabinets, etc

• Removes oxidation (rust marks) from stainless steel sinks, cooking utensils, etc

• Cleans fatty and scummy deposits off shower screens, ceramic tiles, bathtubs, fibreglass surfaces

• Easily removes moss and mould from glass windows, outdoor furniture, aquariums, pool covers, boats, BBQ covers, etc

Completely free of chemical hazards, ie. fumes, respiratory irritations, spills, chemical burns and surface discolouration. No goggles, masks, respirators, gloves or other scrubbing tools required.

Pack of 36 x MagicSponge (Each 110mm x 70mm x 40mm)

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