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Knipex Locking Pliers with Curver Jaws 250mm

Knipex 41 04 250
Locking Pliers with Curved Jaws

Price: $59.90

Genuine Knipex Locking Pliers with Curved Jaws for Round Workpieces.

• Gripping Jaws - Forged and Nickel Plated Chrome Vanadium

• Pliers Body - Nickel Plated Rolled High Strength Steel

• Integral Wire Cutter

• With Adjustment Screw and Release Lever

Clamping Width - Round: 40mm
Clamping Width - Square: 20mm
Clamping Width - Hexagon: 30mm
Length: 250mm
Weight: 517g
Brand: Knipex (Germany)

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