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Knipex Insulated Blade Screwdriver 30mm x 100mm 982030

Knipex 98 20 30
Insulated Blade Screwdriver
3.0mm x 100mm

Price: $28.50

Genuine Knipex Insulated Blade Screwdriver 3.0mm x 100mm.

• Chrome Vanadium Molybdenum Steel with Burnished Tip
• Insulating Multi-Component Handle
• Insulated Handles Rated to 1000 V/AC and 1500 V/DC (VDE Tested)
• Tested in accordance with IEC 60900
• Handle Design Prevents Rolling

Blade Width: 3.0mm
Blade Thickness: 0.5mm
Blade Length (Non-Insulated): 15mm
Blade Length (Total): 100mm
Handle Length: 102mm
Total Length: 202mm
Weight: 35g
Brand: Knipex (Germany)

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