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Float Valve  50mm Apex BigBoy
Float Valve  50mm Apex BigBoy
Float Valve  50mm Apex BigBoy

Float Valve - 50mm Apex

Price: $239.00

Apex 'Big Boy' Valve with 50mm Parallel Thread (2" BSP) inlet

1500 L/m Flow @ 1200 kPa
Maximum inlet pressure 1200 kPa
Minimum inlet pressure 15 kPa

Suits pump, gravity or mains fed storage tanks or reservoirs. The BigBoy® will be closed when both weights are submerged (maximum water level). The valve will remain closed until the bottom weight is exposed (minimum water level). The valve will then open and remain open until the maximum water level is reached.

• Full on, full off
• Enormous flow rate 1500 L/min at 1200 kPa
• Extremely high volume water inlet control device.
• Soft closing, no water hammer
• Long tail, no tank fittings (thin walled tanks)
• Adjustable water levels saves electricity & increases pump life
• Can be adjusted for use as a top up Rain Harvesting valve (by clipping weights together)
• Diaphragm activated - Full Flow Valve.
• No float switches, no power required (pump requires pressure switch)
• Less parts = Less problems
• Patented self cleaning mechanism to minimise blockages.

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