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Float Valve  20mm ApexPumpBuddy

Float Valve - 20mm Apex
PumpBuddy (Long Thread)

Price: $172.90

Apex 'Pump Buddy' Valve with 20mm Parallel Thread (¾" BSP) inlet
(Long Thread Version with Nut & Sealing Washer)

250 L/m Flow @ 300 kPa
Maximum inlet pressure 1200 kPa
Minimum inlet pressure 55 kPa

The Pump Buddy is designed to be connected to a mains water supply to maintain both a minimum and maximum water level in a vessel. If the water level drops below a pre-set level, the valve will open to maintain the water level using mains water. The flow of water is stopped at a separate pre-set upper level.

The differential between the open and closed position of the valve is adjusted by repositioning the two separate floats.

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