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Jandy Check Valve 40mm
Jandy Check Valve 40mm
Jandy Check Valve 40mm

Jandy Check Valve 90°

Price: $86.90

Jandy Check Valves feature a clear lid and red seal plate for easy inspection, as well as a unique swing/spring design. They're made of the toughest CPVC material and can easily be disassembled to clear debris.

• Eliminate loss of prime on the suction side of a pump.
• Prevent the drain down of water towards pumps and filters.
• Prevent water flow in an unwanted direction.
• Solvent Cement Sockets.
• Available in 90° and 180° versions.

Material - Body: UV Stabilised CPVC (Black)
Material - Lid: Clear Polycarbonate
Material - Seals: EPDM
Material - Spring: 304 Grade Stainless Steel
Material - Fasteners: 316 Grade Stainless Steel
Pressure Rating: 400 kPa
Pipe Size: 40mm PVC Pressure Pipe.

Manufacturer: Jandy - USA

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