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Georg Fischer GF KLIPIT Pipe Clip  50mm
Georg Fischer GF KLIPIT Pipe Clip  50mm
Georg Fischer GF KLIPIT Pipe Clip  50mm

Georg Fischer (GF) KLIP-IT
Pipe Clip - 50mm

167 061 091
Price: $6.80

GF Type 061 KLIP-IT Pipe Clips are a high quality and truly modular pipe support system.

Joining Lugs on the sides of the pipe clip allow multiple clips to be neatly joined and the common positioning of the Joining Lugs allows for differing pipe clip sizes to be joined together.

15mm to 50mm models are manufactured at a height to match Type 546 and 543 Ball Valves. 32mm Models and larger are fitted with a safety clip.

KLIP-IT Pipe Clips can be fixed directly to any surface or can be installed with one or more KLIP-IT Spacers, raising the clip by 20mm per spacer. The KLIP-IT is a versatile pipe clip system perfectly suited to swimming pool and water treatment applications.

Material: Polypropylene (Black UV Resistant)

Dimension d: 60.5mm (Suits 50mm PVC Pressure Pipe)
Dimension D: 9mm
Dimension D1: 17mm
Dimension H: 64mm
Dimension H1: 10mm
Dimension H2: 10mm
Dimension H3: 25mm
Dimension L1: 45mm
Dimension L2: 45mm

Recommended Fixing Screw Size: M8
Weight: 54g

Manufacturer: Georg Fischer - Switzerland

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