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WeldOn 845 PVC Repair 43ml Starter Kit

Weld-On 845 PVC Repair
43ml Starter Kit

Price: $245.50

Weld-On 845 is formulated for joining, fabricating and repairing PVC and CPVC pipe and fittings. Excellent for repairing leaking PVC pipe joints, repairing cracks and fabricating fittings.

Weld-On 845 is a high viscosity, two-component (4:1 ratio), high strength, reactive adhesive. It has a fast cure time, is impact resistant, can be used underwater and once cured, withstands very high pressure and a large temperature range (-35°C to 60°C).

Can be used to adhere PVC, CPVC, Fibreglass, ABS, Acrylic, FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic) and concrete to themselves or to dissimilar materials.

Colour: Tan (Pink When Cured)
Working Time: 10 Minutes
Cure Time: 20 Minutes
80% Strength: 1 Hour
Shelf Life: 1 Year (Stored Between 10°C and 27°C)

Starter Kit Contents:
Dispensing Gun (Qty 1)
43ml Cartridges (Qty 2)
Mixing Nozzles (Qty 5)

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