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Core Drilling


Core Drilling Services

AC Pools are able to assist with any core drilling requirements you may have. We are equipped to core drill Core Drilling Services holes through concrete structures or to a specific depth and can drill any diameter hole you require. Usually we utilise these capabilities as part of a larger project such as pipework or equipment installations however we are available to core drill holes in pools, buildings and concrete slabs to suit your needs. We're equipped to drill smaller holes by hand and use rig mounted drills for larger holes or when extreme accuracy is required. Drill rigs can be fixed to vertical surfaces by bolting on or we can utilise suction attachments when circumstances suit.


Core Samples Of Concrete

If you have a requirement for a core sample of a pool's structure we can core drill and remove one or more Pipe Penetration representative samples as required. Generally when we do this for clients we repair the sample point by grinding ribs into the sample hole to 'key in' the repair material and fill the hole with high quality permanent concrete repair products. Additionally we can test the Compressive Strength (MPa) of concrete for you. Non-destructive testing of concrete Compressive Strength (MPa) can be carried out on site without the need for core drilling although these tests provide an approximate guide only.


Core Drilling & Pipe Penetrations

Core drilling can be performed on swimming pool structures or plantrooms to for the penetration of pipework Pipe Penetrations The installation of new water inlets or outlets in pools can also be carried out utilising core drilling. Holes can be drilled at specific dimensions to suit these installations and ribs can be ground into the hole to 'key in' the materials which will fix the pipes and/or fittings. Of course AC Pools can undertake the complete installation of pipework, inlets and outlets or we can simply drill whatever holes you require for your own works. The installation of fittings, especially through the walls of pools, can be a tricky business and incorrect installation can result in problematic and expensive leaks down the track. AC pools has a wealth of experience in such installations and can design such penetrations for you or carry out the works for you.


Core Drilling & Equipment Installations

Core drilling is often utilised for the installation of new or replacement equipment on pools. AC Pools can core Equipment Installations drill holes to your requirements or carry out the full installation of poolside equipment. Examples of such installations include Lane Rope Anchors, Access Ladders, Backstroke and False Start Flag Posts as well as Starting Blocks. AC Pools can supply and fully install all of the above equipment or install equipment that you already have.


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