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Lovibond Photometer Service & Calibration


Lovibond Photometer Maintenance & Calibration

AC Pools is an authorised provider of maintenance and calibration services to Lovibond photometers. As a general rule, photometers used with public pools should be serviced and calibrated every 12 months. AC Pools will clean, service, test and calibrate your photometer for a fixed fee. We thoroughly clean the instrument and test chamber, inspect all components with particular attention paid to seals, test the operation of the unit and calibrate all relevant parameters using tracable reference standards manufactured by Lovibond. A full calibration report is provided detailing inspection results, all works carried out, all parts used and calibration results including details of tracable reference standards utilised. Our standard fee (Currently $140 + GST) includes return delivery of the photometer to you wherever you are in Australia. If, in the course of the service we discover faulty components, you'll be advised and the replacement parts will be quoted prior to further works being undertaken.


Lovibond Photometer Repairs

If you have a faulty photometer or one that doesn't work at all, there's a good chance that it's repairable. Lovibond photometers are a premium quality piece of equipment and are generally repairable. All you have to do is send your photometer to us and we'll carry out a diagnostic inspection at no charge. If the photometer is repairable we'll provide a quote for the repairs to be carried out and you can decide if you'd like to proceed. There's absolutely no obligation and nothing to lose by having us look at it. Customers are often pleasently surprised to find that their innoporative photometer can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of a new unit. AC Pools stock the full range of parts and spares for the Lovibond range of photometers.


Loan Photometers

If you need to send your photometer to us for service, calibration or repairs we have loan photometers available for you to use. For a small postage fee we will send you a loan photometer and you can post it back to us when you have your own photometer back.


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