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Pool Tiling


Tiling Repairs

AC Pools can carry out repairs to damaged, loose or missing pool tiling using spare Tiling Repairs 2 Tiling Repairs 1 tiles you may have or, if necessary, by sourcing matching tiles. Pool tiling is highly specialised, particularly when it comes to public pools, requiring specific types of tiles and specialised epoxy glues and grouts. We use only the highest quality two-part epoxy glues and three-part epoxy grouts to ensure any repairs we carry out are permanent.


Underwater Tiling Repairs

Missing and damaged tiles can pose a significant safety risk to pool patrons. The types of tiles generally Underwater Tiling Repairs used in public pools tend to break like glass leaving sharp edges. A missing tile can also take away much of the support from adjoining tiles meaning the damaged section of tiling can tend to grow over time. Damage to a pool's tiled surface should really be repaired as soon as possible. Emptying a pool however can be an expensive and disruptive operation, particularly when dealing with large public pools which may contain upwards of a million litres of water and when closure will be an inconvenience to the public. AC Pools can carry out tiling repairs underwater causing little or no disruption to the operations of a pool and saving a small fortune in water and pool chemicals. Using surface supplied diving equipment and specialised underwater glues and grouts we can carry out any required repairs quickly and with a minimum of fuss.


Pool Re-Tiling

Whether as a stand-alone project or as a component of a more significant redevelopment, AC Pools can Pool Re-Tiling handle any pool re-tiling project required. We can completely re-tile a pool and can incorporate fingergrip tiles, nosing tiles and parapet tiling in the project. Often a pool's wetdeck grating is replaced as an integral part of such projects and we can look after that for you too. Lane markings can be incorporated in tiling as can mandatory pool signage such as depth marking etc. We can also quote any concourse tiling requirements you may have.


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